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  • If you’re like me, then you like to put a face with a name.
    <---------- Oh hey, that’s me (Jami) over there!

    The girl with the sometimes red, sometimes blondish hair with the face full of freckles.

    I’m currently based in the Midwest, specifically Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I frequently travel between this happy place, and my home state of Utah, among other destination locations.

    With a background in photojournalism, I have a easy going approach when working with my clients. This easy going approach pairs well with my minimalistic style of posing my couples. I seek simplicity and adore timeless, classic images. However, I do have a flare for drama, so I will occasionally direct a more dramatic pose to spice things up a bit! When shooting, I use mostly natural light to infuse warmth into my images and that’s how I get the signature fine art look many have come to expect and love when I photograph them.

    When I’m not behind my camera, I’m trying to keep up with my super sassy best friend/baby girl, Afton and my sweet husband Cameron, who, bless his heart, is plowing away trying to complete his medical education and training at OSU-COM.

    I like sleeping in, a sun that’s shining, and a daily sip of limonata san pellegrino. Want to know more? Send me an email and let’s make some gorgeous images together!

Lyndsey + Dave | Postoak Lodge Wedding

Its the best feeling in the world when I meet a couple for the first time and we instantly connect and become friends. Lyndsey and Dave are one of those couples that you love immediately and I absolutely adore them.  Their wedding tops the list as one of my most favorites I’ve ever been honored to photograph. This was also my first time shooting a wedding a Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa, and it’s such a treasure! The rustic vibe paired with the amazing view of downtown Tulsa in the distance is incredibly unique. Everything about this wedding makes me happy, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0693Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0694Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0695Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0696Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0697Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0698Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0699Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0700Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0701Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0702Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0703Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0704Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0705Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0706Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0707Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0708Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0709Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0710Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0711Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0712Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0713Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0714Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0716Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0718Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0719Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0720Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0721Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0722Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0723Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0724Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0725Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0726Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0727Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0728Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0729Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0730Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0731Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0732Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0733Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0734Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0735Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0736Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0737Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0738Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0739Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0740Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0741Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0742Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0743Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0744Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0745Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0746Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0747Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0748Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0749Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0750Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0751Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0752Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0753Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0754Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0755Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0756Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0757Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0758Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0759Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0760Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0761Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0762Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0763Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0764Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0765Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0766Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0767Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0768Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0769Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0770Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0771Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0772Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0773Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0774Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0775Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0776Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0777Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0778Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0779Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0780Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0781Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0782Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0783Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0784Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0785Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0786Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0788Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0789Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0790Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0791Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0792Rustic_Tulsa_Post_Oak_Lodge_Wedding_0793

Amy Ann Arnold Fall Looks | Tulsa Fashion Blogger

This girl. I tell you, she’s amazing! If you don’t already know, Amy is a local fashion blogger here in Tulsa who I absolutely adore! For the past couple months she and I have been collaborating on some of her outfit posts, and I thought I’d post some of my favorite shots of her fall wardrobe from our ongoing project. Today Amy’s look was a featured #momentsofchic with Piperlime! You can get all the outfit details here, and if you’re not already following her, you should immediately change your ways and get with it!

Fall Family Sessions

I’ve had a lot of people asking me if I’m doing fall sessions this year, and I’m so excited to tell you all that I am! However because I’m still just coming out of maternity leave, I only have limited sessions available. For session info, scroll to the bottom.McDonald-18


Dates Available:

Friday November 7th (1 evening session) & Saturday November 8th (2 late afternoon sessions)

Saturday November 15th (2 afternoon sessions & 1 evening session)

45 Minute Session

Viewing & ordering gallery

Disc of Mid-resolution images


Email me to reserve your session. 

Afton | Big Sister

I can’t believe tomorrow my sweet little best friend will no longer be our only baby! We’re so excited and anxiously anticipating the grand entrance our little boy will be making tomorrow. I am currently being flooded with a myriad of emotions about the whole thing. I haven’t done a lot of crying surprisingly, but occasionally I’m struck with the reality that this little lady of ours, who has been my constant companion for the last two and half years, will have a new little buddy to play with. It’s thrilling for sure, but it kind of freaks me out! What do I know about little boys? Nothing. That’s what. But I’m looking forward to figuring him out!

A few days ago we took Afton to our favorite Tulsa park and let her play and dance around in her pretty new white dress she wore during our Mommy daughter maternity session with by lovely friend Andrea Murphy. I’ve obsessed with making sure I capture my little muse’s life since day one with photographs, so of course, I had to document her final days as an only child. Right now she’s diggin Mickey Mouse club house and calls out “Oh Toodles” frequently each day. It’s the funniest thing! She’s a busy little kid and it’s so much fun watching her learn and grow into such a funny little person.

afton_whitedress_0687I am in love with this image of her. Black and white images, man, what is it about them that I love so much?!

afton_whitedress_0686afton_whitedress_0680afton_whitedress_0681“Oh Toodles!!”afton_whitedress_0682afton_whitedress_0683afton_whitedress_0684afton_whitedress_0685

I’ll be taking a little maternity break until mid October, but I’ll be posting some updated info about family sessions coming up at the end of October / first part of November so if you’re interested in getting on my schedule, make sure you get in touch with me soon! I’ve only set up a few session slots this season so space is limited.

Amy Ann Arnold | Tulsa Fashion Blogger

You guyssssssss! In honor of the start of NYFW, I am so so SO excited to tell you all about this new photo project I am starting with my sweet friend and fashion blogger, Amy Ann Arnold! Amy is a fellow Tulsan who started blogging a couple years ago about her family and home projects, but more recently discovered that her real blogging passion was in fashion. This girl has amazing style, and I was so excited when she connected with me to embark on this new project. We met up for the first time last week and after talking to her for 2 minutes I felt like we had known each other for years. She’s the real deal and I am so excited to see her blog grow! I’ve watched fellow photographer friends of mine collaborate with fashion bloggers in Utah and I was always so envious of them because it looked like so much fun! (Thanks Amy for letting me live out this dream!)

Not only do I think Amy has impeccable style, but the folks at People StyleWatch Magazine do as well! One of Amy’s looks was featured in the 2014 September issue of the magazine. Amazing right?! She was also featured in the August issue of InStyle Magazine.

To view the first look we shot together, visit her blog, and make sure you follow her on insta! (@realamyann) To stay in the loop about this project and more importantly, to get inspired looks and fashion advice, make sure to check out her blog weekly. I’ll be linking up with her posts as well!