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Out in Okarche




New favorite wedding venue? This beautiful cathedral in Okarche, Oklahoma! I’m excited to share more of this simple and perfect Oklahoma wedding that took place at Holy Trinity Catholic Church a couple weeks ago!

Some more big news, my new blog will launch next week so keep an eye out for the announcement. My blog and website have been in need of a facelift for a while and I’m excited to reveal all the new changes that I’ve been making. Also, in case you were unaware, we are in the midst of a big move to Philadelphia in the upcoming month.  We are relocating to the east coast for Cam’s residency program and I’m thrilled to start a new adventure there! I’ll share more details about what this means for me and all my friends and clients in Oklahoma so keep an eye out for that post!

Valentine Boudoir

When was the last time you showed yourself some self-love and celebrated how amazing and gorgeous you are? If it’s been awhile, I’d encourage you to consider booking a valentine boudoir session with me on Saturday, January 30, 2016 for a day of pampering! My boudoir sessions are much more about capturing your confident and romantic side that will leave you feeling even more beautiful than you did before you stepped inside my studio. It’s the perfect gift to give yourself (or the person who makes your heart skip a beat) for Valentine’s Day! 2016_JAMILEAVITT_blogboudoir_00012016_JAMILEAVITT_blogboudoir_00072016_JAMILEAVITT_blogboudoir_0006




Session Info


Saturday January 30, 2016


30 minute sessions will take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. so space is limited!


30 minute session + 8 digital files



Photography by Jami Leavitt Home Studio | Tulsa, Oklahoma


Send an email to with the caption (Valentine Boudoir + Your Name) or give me a call 435-671-8803





30 minute session + (8) 5×7 fine art mounted images in a folio box + 8 digital files



30 minute session + Little Black Book + 10 digital files



45 minute session + Little Black Book + 5×7 folio + 15 digital files


If you are interested in having your hair and make up done professionally for your session, I would recommend booking and appointment at Primp Hair and Make-up Studio in Broken Arrow.


NYC in Black and White

2016 is set to be a beautiful year full of lots of changes and new adventures! Cam and I are taking off for a few days to visit Philadelphia and NYC while he interviews for one more residency program. Since I was just in NYC not too long ago and haven’t ever shared the images from that trip, I’m sharing some of my favorites! I sure love the way black and white photos make a simple scene a little bit more dramatic.

Let me know what you think of this new format for showcasing my blog images! My sweet friend Heather Pickett taught me her ways and I’m in love with the simplicity!



Sitting with Santa | Holiday Portraits with Santa at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah

Come experience the magic of the Christmas season by having your child sit with Santa and have their portrait taken at the world renown Zermatt Resort in the charming city of Midway, Utah!

Santa will be in the lobby of the Zermatt Resort from 2 PM until 4 PM on Saturday, December 12, 2015. The Zermatt is located at 784 W Resort Dr. Midway, Utah.

Sitting Details:

Our Traditional Sitting Portrait is $19 and includes a 5×7 custom print that will be mailed to your home before Christmas. For families wanting more than one portrait taken, the cost is $15 per 5×7 print after the first child is photographed. (Groups of 3 or less children are welcomed to be photographed together per sitting.)

Our Portraits with Magic Enhancement is $34 for a 5×7 custom print that will be mailed to your home before Christmas. (Magic Enhancement Portraits are limited to 1 child per photograph.)

If you would like the digital file of your image(s) the cost is $5 per file. Digital files may be purchased once a portrait is purchased and are not available as a stand alone product.


SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2294SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2295SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2296SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2297SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2298SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2299SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2300SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2301SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2302SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2303SittingwithSanta_Photographybyjamileavitt_2304We’re so excited to create some Christmas magic for you! Make sure you mark your calendars for this event! See you at the Zermatt!

If you have any questions feel free to call 435-671-8803 for more details!

November Sessions | Last Call for Christmas Cards

November SessionsLast call for November sessions! I’ve got 3 session dates available in November and then I’ll be full for the rest of the year. If you want to get on my calendar be sure to get in touch with me and we’ll get the details finalized.

Just a reminder, I’m doing complimentary Christmas cards when you purchase a wall portrait. If I’ve photographed you this year this deal applies to you too, just email me and I’ll send you over your custom designed card so you can proof it and decide which portrait you want to order.

Glenn Family | Tulsa Family Photography

The Glenn’s are some of my most favorite to photograph! I’ve loved watching their family grow up right in front of my camera each year when we do their session. We just did their session for this year last weekend and I can’t believe how much these kids have changed!JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2124JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2125JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2126JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2127JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2128JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2129JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2130JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2131JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2132JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2133JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2134JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2135JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2136JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2137JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2138JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2139JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2140JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2141JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2142JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2143JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2144JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2145JamiLeavitt_Family_Glenn_2146hotog