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Fresh Romance: An Inspired Wedding Collaboration | Tulsa Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to share this gorgeous styled photo shoot I’ve had under wraps since last November. This shoot came together after Sharon Holmes, with Tulsa Weddings and Design, and I dreamed up the inspiration and a team of incredibly talented Tulsa wedding vendors helped us execute it. We wanted to come up with a twist on the whole “rustic” trend that has become super popular in the last few wedding seasons. A lot of Oklahoma brides are country girls, but they’re also sophisticated and like a touch of glamor. The design needed to include elements that spoke to that. It needed to be soft and romantic and not so shabby chic.

Amy Ann was gracious to step in a model for us, and I’m so glad she did because she brought that touch of elegance that brought the whole inspiration to life!

Eversomething Event Styling and Floral Design created the most stunning florals that really brought out the earthy, organic feeling without loosing the sophistication and glamor. Taylor and Katie were so helpful with taking all of the ideas we had thrown at them and coming up with the prettiest arrangements I’ve ever photographed.

Abelina’s was responsible for the gorgeous dress you see in the photos. Their shop located at The Farm has so many on point bridal options making them the perfect choice for us!

Grace with Paper 8 is the person to go to for any custom paper creations. She’s the most creative and hardworking wedding vendor in the business. Plus I just love how funny she is!

A huge thank you to Ashlee Bivins and Heather Valentine with Primp Hair and Makeup Salon, they always do such a beautiful job with hair and make up.

Ludgers Bakery provided the sweet cake, and Party Pro Rentals provided some of the elements on the table scape. Those pretty chair covers are theirs and they make my heart so happy!

If you loved this shoot, let me know in the comments!




March 15, 2015 - 9:22 pm

admin - You guys always do such a gorgeous job! :) Thanks!

March 15, 2015 - 9:22 pm

admin - Thanks Tracie! :)

March 15, 2015 - 9:22 pm

admin - I’m kind of obsessed with you! You would have LOVED that donkey though…he’s adorable! Miss you friend!

March 11, 2015 - 3:52 pm

Keala - These are so pretty!! And I’m kind of obsessed with the donkey picture!! ❤️❤️

March 11, 2015 - 11:37 am

Tracie - So pretty!

March 11, 2015 - 9:57 am

heather - Turned out beautifully!

Details | Mary Jane + Mitchell | St. George, Utah Wedding Photography

Rechter_Wedding_ringshotfbPretty details from last weekend’s gorgeous and delightfully warm wedding in Southern Utah! P.S. To see more details from this wedding and other weddings I’ve shot and will be shooting in 2015, make sure you are following @photographybyjamileavitt on Instagram! I’ve been a slacker about posting but it’s a goal of mine for 2015 to be more present on Social Media so that I can hopefully reach new brides and families! As always, thanks for checking in and being so supportive!

The Year of The Family | 2014 Year in Review

So there is this thing photographers do that I’ve never done and that thing is posting a big happy year in review with all the favorite photographs they’ve taken over the year. EVERY year I plan to do this and EVERY year I realize it’s March and I still haven’t posted. But this year, Imma changin! I made myself sit down for more than 10 minutes to go through my client and personal folders to show you all what I’ve been up to.

It’s kind of sobering when you look back on your entire year and think about all the events that took place. Professionally, this year was pretty mild. At least with the number of weddings I decided to take on. When you find out you are pregnant in January, all the things you had planned for the year get a quick kick in the arse. But in a good way of course… Add on top of that, Cam starting the third year of medical school and taking his step 1 boards, well… you get the picture. Pretty personally stressful. Looking back though on the weddings I was able to be a part of, I am completely honored that those couples would trust the emotional pregnant lady to do her thang! To all of the couples I got to work with this year, thanks for being so incredibly awesome! Without you, I wouldn’t get to do what I love!

I like to call 2014 the Year of the Family! It seems appropriate with the addition of our cutest little man, Mr. Graham, joining our family in late September. One day when I make the time to write my reflections of his birth, I’ll post the incredible photos of his birth that were taken by my dear friend Andrea Murphy. It demands to be said that I felt like a total champion of a woman after having Graham and I took his newborn photos three days postpartum! Go Jami!

The Year of the Family brought so many fresh and veteran faces in front of my camera. I am always so thankful and humbled by my loyal and repeat clients. You guys are so wonderful and I love making new pretty photos for each one of you! I must give a shout out to my sweet friend Haly Craft who is one of my biggest cheerleaders and is always telling people about me. That girl has shown more people my work than I have! Thanks Haly, you treasure!

2015 is going to be a completely unpredictable year personally. The Leavitt clan is on the downward slope of medical school which brings excitement and a whole lot of uncertainty and anxiety. We can only say for certain where we will be for the next 18 months and after that it’s a mystery. But, I’m remaining positive with my outlook and our future looks pretty amazing!

Professionally I have so many things to look forward to. I’ve already hit my half way mark for weddings booked which is such an incredible feeling! For my portrait clients I have a lot of fun things planned that I’ll be releasing in the next little bit!

More than anything, I just need to say THANK YOU to all my supporters! Thanks for making 2014 a year for the books! And to you Mr. Graham, thanks for making us a family of 4!

I have a feeling I’ll be referring to 2015 as “The Year of the Van.”

JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1434JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1435JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1436Some fabulous friendships were forged this year! So grateful for the people who make life so much fun!JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1535JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1536JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1537JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1538JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1539Miss Afton turned 2 in March and I am loving the little person she has become and continues to become. You’ve never met a sweeter big sister. She adores her baby Graham like no one else. I love her for that. She also takes the hilarity level of our household to new heights.JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1437Another shout out to this babe! Through another friends kind recommendation, Amy Ann reached out to me this summer to work with her on her blog and our friendship has allowed me to grow in new ways I never imagined were possible. She’s the kindest person (not to mention flawless) and I love that she gives me a reason to dabble around in the fashion world.  Cheers to more fun collaborations this year!JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1438JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1439JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1440JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1441JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1442JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1443JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1444JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1445JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1446JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1447JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1448JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1449JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1450JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1451JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1452JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1453JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1454JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1455JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1456JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1457JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1458JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1459JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1460JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1461JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1462JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1463JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1464JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1465JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1466JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1467JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1468JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1469JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1470JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1471JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1472JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1473JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1474JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1475JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1476JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1477JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1478JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1479JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1480JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1481JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1482JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1483JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1484JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1485JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1486JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1487JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1488JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1489JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1490JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1491JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1492JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1493JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1494JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1495JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1496JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1497JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1498JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1499JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1500JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1501JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1502JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1503JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1504JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1505JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1506JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1507JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1508JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1509JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1510JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1511JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1512JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1513JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1514JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1515JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1516JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1517JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1518JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1519JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1520JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1521JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1522JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1523JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1524JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1525JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1526JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1527JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1528JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1529JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1530JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1531JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1532JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1533JamiLeavitt_2014yearinreview_1534